Downgrade laptop from windows vista to windows xp

The introduction of Windows vista has caused numerous challenges in the computer world. From consuming of computer memory, software incompatibility and others including the challenge of trying to downgrade you laptop or desktop from windows vista to windows xp.

Do you have a laptop or desktop that came with windows vista installed on it, and you want to downgrade it back to windows xp.
Did you buy a new hard drive and you want to install windows xp on it and it tells you that no hard drive was found.
In this short article I will be showing you the tricks to downgrade your laptop to windows xp.

Firstly, power your computer and enter the BIOS setup. For most motherboards the button to enter the BIOS is F1, F2, F10, and DELETE
When you turn on your laptop or desktop computer, keep pressing these buttons one will take you to the BIOS. Then inside the BIOS setup utility, locate “Sata native support” under system configuration, and then disable it. Press f10 to save and exit the BIOS setup.

Insert windows xp cd in the cd rom drive. Restart the computer and set it to boot from cd rom drive. For some computer F12, esc, F10 will take you to the boot menu select the cd rom drive and hit the enter button windows xp installation process starts. Install windows xp the way you normally do it.

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  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    i have no sata native support in my HP Pavillion dv2700 in the bios utility what can i do

  2. carefully peruse through oyur bios, it may not be exetly the same sentence but some how you will find how to disable the Sata surpport.
    if this solves your problem Please say thank you on my comment field, if it does not send another question still on my comment field and i will answer it.

  3. i have no sata native support in my HP Pavillion dv2700 under system configuration in the bios utility what can i do, can you please give any solution to end my problem.


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