How to uninstall yahoo messenger without registry tweak

Yahoo messenger no doubt is the most widely used chating software and it is so much fun chating with yahoo messenger. Yahoo also has do greatly by constant upgrade of yahoo messenger to the most current one now that is vista like and has advance functionality but There are some times you may be having problem with yahoo messenger especially yahoo messenger 9.0 beta.

You try uninstalling it and in the process you get stocked and cannot uninstall yahoo messenger. You may want to delete it from the program files and change some registry entries. This will stop yahoo messenger from running but you have also left junks in your computer.

It is a simple process. Click on the start button on the task bar, click control panel, double click add or remove program on the window that will open scroll down to find yahoo messenger then click change/remove this will start the uninstallation process, finally click on finish and it will be uninstalled. Some times when you try to uninstall yahoo messenger it stops on the way or it shows some error messages that it cannot be uninstalled. What you need to do is just install yahoo messenger again on the same computer this will correct any bad file. Then you can now uninstall it.

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