In every field there are some basic strategy to becoming a professional in that field, so also it is in computer, and you have to know the basic techniques to be good at it. It is when you know the basic that you can start to improve on them.
In this article I will be sharing with your 6 techniques/strategy to becoming your own computer engineer so you don’t have to call an engineer when your computer brakes down.


Don't be afraid of computer problems. It is often the best opportunity to learn. Trouble-shooting is part of the fun of owning a computer. Imagine the satisfaction you could get by solving a problem yourself.
Of course the fun could run out quickly once you are frustrated and have spent too much time on the same problem. If you feel frustrated, it's time to leave it for a while and go back with some new ideas


Confidence is the first technique to solving any computer problem, believing that you solve the problem will make your mind to think and also makes you not to quit on the problem, it prompts you to take steps and you will be surprise to know that you have solve the problem because your confidence was in place.


In computer engineering research is a major criteria if you must be relevant. The difference between you and the other engineer is just the amount of knowledge you have on the field and this knowledge come as a result of deep research. how to make research, if you have a problem and you don’t know what to do just examine the problem then go on the net and search solutions for that problem. e.g. if your computer has raila odinga virus and your antivirus is not removing it, you can type how to remove raila odinga manually on, read through the sites that are saying what you want to know about click on the site ti read the full details that way you have adequate knowledge to solve the problem. Note that there is no problem that you will encounter in your computer that no body has encountered, so going online to search for solution is a smart way to solve the problem.


When your computer encounters a hardware problem, what you need to do is to know the kind of problem and the hardware responsible for the problem, because Personal computers are highly modular by design. The most powerful technique is to isolate specific component by trial-and-error. Swap compatible components and see if the system still works. Try that peripherals on a different machines and see if the same problem occurs. Make one change at a time.


Take notes of what you have done and all the error messages. You may need to use them later. For instance, when you see an unusual blue screen with an error message. Copy the entire message onto a piece of paper. In many situations, that message may point to the right direction in getting the problem solved quickly. Always remember to use the internet when it becomes difficult.


It's OK to open a computer case and take a look inside. There is only 5V and 12V DC voltage supplied to the components outside the power supply. Those who have never seen the inside of a computer are often amazed by how simple it looks. Of course, still always power down and unplug the power cord first.
More than 70% of all computer problems are related to cabling and connections. Ensure all cables are connected firmly. IDE and floppy ribbon cables and power cables can often go loose. Ensure microprocessor, memory modules, and adapters such as video card and sound card are inserted correctly and didn't "pop-up" during transportation.

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How to remove raila odinga virus is a very easy process. Firstly, Raila odinga is a worm that attacks microsoft word files, but it looks like a jpg file and mostly found on the desktop.
Raila odinga has some common characteristics

1. If you delete the picture file it will delete and return to where it where.
2. It runs from the driver folder in system 32 folder
3. it auto runs at system startup
4. It makes the computer boot slowly
5. It makes your computer to hang.
6. It creates new folder.exe folders in your computer

How to remove raila odinga virus, open my computer, double click drive C: open WINDOWS folder, double click on system 32 folder, open driver folder,
locate the word file in the folder, note the name. Right click on the task bar, open task manager, click on the process tab locate the name of the word file you saw in the drive folder, right click on the name of the file, click end process, to terminate the running process
Open the driver folder of system 32 where the file is, delete all the ms word files on that folder, then close the folder locate the raila odinga picture file usually on the desktop or somewhere in your computer, delete the picture file. Please do not double click on the picture file only delete it, finally empty your recycle bin and restart your computer. That way odinga is off your machine.

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Increase your computer speed in 9 minutes

Increase your system speed in 9 minutes is a quick guide to increase your system speed.
Speed is one thing any computer user will not compromise.

Have you ever wondered why your computer becomes slow as the day goes by, suddenly your programs take longer time to come up, it can be really frustrating.
Maybe you have visited some cafe to browse when your computer is down or you are not close to your house and feel like using the net. And nothing is working even to launch internet explorer or Microsoft word takes so much time that you are bored. This is caused by so much junk files in your temp folder; recycle bin, temp internet files and cookies. The second is to increase your computers victual memory.
Just follow these simple steps to increase your computers speed
1. Cleaning temp folder, cookies, temporary internet files, and performing disk clean up. These locations take as much as 2GB of your disk space and your ram needs to run these programs instead of running the important programs you use to for your work.
To clean up these files double click on my computer icon, drive C:, document and settings, select the user profile folder that you are using, open local settings, if you don’t see local settings click on tools menu, folder option check show hiding files and folders, click apply and then ok to show all hiding files

By now you should see local setting folder now
Open the folder, open the temp folder, you will see the files that it contains. To view the size of the temp folder select all files using CTR + A, right click on any file and click properties you will see the disc space that its occupying, close the property box and delete all the files. If some files refuse to delete, it may be that the computer is making use of those files at the moment, do same clean up for the temporary internet files and cookies folder, after deleting these files do same for other user profiles in your computer. When that is done you have to use the disk cleanup to clean those files from recycle bin any other location where they may be. Now click start, point your mouse to program files, and to accessories and to system tool click disk clean up

Select the drive where you have your operating system click ok, it will scan the files and show you a dialog box, check the boxes with size above 0 kb then click ok and another dialog box will open asking you if you really want to delete these files click yes. In addition, it will clean all the location. After cleaning including recycle bin your computer should faster than before.
2. Increase your virtual memory. A virtual memory is an area of the hard disk that the computer uses as ram. If the virtual memory of your machine is low, your computer will become very slow when you try to use some application simultaneously. To increase the virtual memory of your computer will also increase your system speed, Right click on my Computer, click properties, click advance tab, click settings under performance option, click advance tab on performance option, click change, now change the number there to close or the number that the machine has. Click set, OK and closes the dialog boxes
Now restart your machine you will notice that the speed of your machine has increased.
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