How to download HP drivers

A lot of people get very frustrated after formatting their desktop computers and laptops simply because they find it difficult to get the drivers fro their computer especially the laptops. Some have been using the recovery CD that comes with the laptop until it got missing finding where to download driver becomes a very difficult task.
When you format your HP computer there is no need looking for the driver elsewhere. The manufacturers being HP Hewlett packed knows that you will misplace your recovery CD and have placed all the drivers for their computers on their website for you to download when ever you need it.

To download HP drivers you must know the computer model and the operating system installed before you start looking for the driver.
Start by going to, on the home page click on support and driver at the middle top of the page, after loading step one is to select software and drivers download. I will advice you to do your search by categories. If you are looking for hp laptop drivers, under product category click on Notebooks & Tablet PCs. on the next page that will load click Notebook PCs, the page will load and display several hp laptop model, if you are looking Hp pavilion dv 600 drivers you will now click on HP Pavilion Notebook PCs, the page will load and display several pavilion notebook PCs, because am looking for dv 6000 driver I will click on HP Pavilion dv6000 Entertainment Notebook PC series, this will load and display all the dv 6000 series notebook links I will simply click on HP Pavilion dv6000 CTO Notebook PC, when the page loads click on Software & Driver downloads , this will now take you to the page where you will select the operating system that is installed on your computer. finally the drivers will be displayed for you to download. Dont get confused because its many the most important drivers are sound, VGA and network controllers.

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How to download DELL drivers

A lot of times getting the right driver for laptops is very difficult especially when you don’t have the recovery CD. Some times this is the reason why we don’t want to format the computer even when it needs to be formatted. If you’ve formatted your DELL computer especially laptops and don’t know how to get the drivers. As you read along you will find that out.

Firstly you should know that every manufacturer also manufactures spare parts and drivers that should work with their product so the one place to look for DELL drivers is on DELL website.

Step by step

To download dell drivers you should know the model of the DELL computer that you have. logon to, click on drivers and support, at the bottom of the page, it will take you to a page where you have to identify you product, for this article I will use the model to locate Dell Vostro 1500 windows xp driver, you can use the service tag if you have it pasted on your computer. on the drivers and download page click on select model, it will show different product family e.g. laptops, desktops etc. for this article I will click on laptops, under the product line you will select you kind of product e.g. inspiron, vostro, xps etc, for me I will click on vostro laptops, under the model you will select the exert model of your computer. for me I will click on 1500, finally click on confirm.
After you have clicked confirm the page will load and displays your selection and there you have to select the operating system that is installed on your computer, for me under operating system I will select windows xp, then under importance I will select recommended then the page will load and display all the recommended drivers for Dell Vostro 1500 windows xp, finally just click on the + sign to show the different drivers for the model and then download all the drivers that you want.

There is no better place to get a products driver than the manufacturer’s website of service centers.

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How to configure a Network Router

A lot of people find it difficult to configure their router; router configuration is easy and can be done in just ten minutes.
When you have purchased a wireless router, you will see a device that has one or two antennas sticking up from the rear. The router will have a few lights on it, which may indicate power or activity when lit. The back of the router has connections to the WAN (the modem will plug into here) and LAN ports that give you the ability to plug into any nearby computers with a Cat5 Ethernet cable.

Setup Process

You will need to use a patch cable to initially login to the router. Using a web browser, such as IE, type and hit enter. Hopefully you'll get a login screen for the router. If not, you may need to try the address
Your router will be shipped with a default login, which you will need to change immediately. Refer to your documentation for that login. If you do not have documentation, try admin as the login and password.

Configuring DHCP

One of the initial setup parameters is whether to enable DHCP. DHCP allows the router to handle the IP address for all of the network components on your LAN. For instance, when a PC boots to the router the first time, it will look for a DHCP server, and your router will reply. The router will assign an IP address and lease that unique IP to that computer for a specific amount of time. Each PC on the network will do the same. Since the router knows unique information about each computer, it will not assign the same IP to another machine.

Configuring SSID

Important, and often overlooked, the SSID must be set to match the workgroup name of all of your PCs on the LAN. Otherwise, you will not be able to connect to other machines or the Internet. Set the router's SSID to whatever you want, then go around to each PC and change its Workgroup (or often referred to as Network Name) by right-clicking My Computer, then Properties, then Computer Name. Then click Network ID and then the Change button. Under the Workgroup section, type in the same name you did for the router's SSID.

Finally, when you reboot the machine, you will see activity on the router, and then be able to access the Internet and other networking resources.

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How to recover you data when computer refuse to boot

A lot of times we have been victims of data lose in one way or the other. Hard disk failure is an inevitable event that must happen one day, because of this it is therefore important that we know what to do even if we hav backed up, but what of the most recent job you just did that you have not backed up? Are you going to lose that one?.
When your computer suddenly refuses to boot there are some steps that you can take to retrieve your files.

1. Get an External Case

Once your computer refuse to boot the most reliable means of retrieving your data is to get a Hard disk external case that you can connect to another computer using a USB cable. This method gives you access to your files before calling a pro.

2. Use a LiveCD

Don’t have access to a second computer for doing as you please? This method will be ideal, then. You’ll need to get temporary access to a computer with Internet and a DVD burner. Download a Linux LiveCD, Small Linux is the smallest, but also has issues mounting hard drives. The most simple for an average computer user would be Puppy Linux. It has a larger file size, but should recognize your drive.
Burn the Live CD ISO to a CD and insert it into your computer (the one with the crashed hard drive). Restart the computer and when it the computer logo appears, press F2 (or whatever key for your system) to enter BIOS. Change the boot sequence to CD first, Save and then Exit.

The Live CD will start, simply follow the directions on the screen–don’t worry, nothing is being done to your hard drive. The OS will start, and you should see your hard drive mounted on the desktop–something like “60GB”, etc. Plug in a second drive and copy and paste the folders over.

3. Data Recovery Software

if these two options sound confusing or difficult, you can get a data recovery software for just few $ and use it to recover your files. There are a lot of such software’s on the net some you can use their trial version to get your files.

5. Call a Professional

If you fell is very difficult for you, simply take your hard drive a professional that will be able to retrieve your document, it may be costly but it’s worth it except the files is not very important.

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How to Reset Linksys Router Password wrt54g and BEFWIIS4

Do you have a Linksys router and you have forgotten your password or you want to reset the password to the default. Firstly you must have physical access to the router. This article is basically for WRT54g and model BEFW11S4
If you have changed the password from the default password and have forgotten the default or your router did not come with any documentation.
To regain access to the router try the following. In the username field leave it blank and in the password field type admin

Username / leave blank
password / admin

The Rest Button on a Linksys Router

To reset the router
While the back of your router might look different, the reset button is usually clearly marked. To reset the router to the default password, insert something thin--like a pencil point--and depress the red button. Hold that for a few seconds. The password for your Linksys router should have reverted to its default.
Try accessing it from a machine that is plugged directly into it. The default address is usually When you gain access to the router then you can change the password to any word of your choice.

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