How to avoid windows genuine advantage black screen

After my article on how to remove windows genuine advantage in 4 minutes a lot of comments have been coming, most say that after removing the genuine windows notification it will come back. In this article i will show you how you can avoid windows genuine advantage detection.
Whenever your computer shows black screen it simply means that windows GDI detection tool was installed during the update. To prevent this, reconfigure your windows automatic update to download and ask you it install. To configure your automatic update click start-->click control panel. When it opens click on security centre, a new window will open click on automatic update, the dialog box will open. Select download updates but let me choose to install them. Click apply and ok. That’s it. Whenever you are on the net your computer will download updates and give you notification on your task bar that updates have been downloaded, click here to install. Now when you click the notification, a dialog box will open for you with two options, they are express install and manual install. Click on manual install, you will see the updates that windows have download and are about to be installed checked by default. Whenever you see "windows GDI detection tool" uncheck it and install others. Don’t ever install GDI detection tool that’s what black list your key and gives your black screen. If you follow through these simple steps your computer will not be detected again. If you can format your computer or repair it do so and use the serial MM9M9-Q9C6B-2988C-4B9GX-BWPWM at the back of your CD. Note this article is for educational purpose only. Do not use the example key.

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  1. frank5:02 PM

    thank you so much for helping me remove this windows bug.

  2. How to remove autorun virus from your flash drives and any hard disk drives in mobile phones i am using nokia 6630.

  3. my combo drive is reading dvd but not reading cd what should i do?

  4. Hello DJ_, For your first comment on how to remove Autorun virus from your flash drive and hard disk, I have written an article about that. this article will Show you how you can remove this troublesome virus. in just few minutes. check it out
    Dont Forget to say Thank you if this solves your problem. if you still have questions feel free to ask.

  5. DJ_, you did note specify if its a laptop drive of desktop. But wich ever.make sure that the CDs you are trying to read is not scratched. Take that CD and try reading it with another cd CD Rom Drive. specify the drive for further instructions.


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