Increase your computer speed in 9 minutes

Increase your system speed in 9 minutes is a quick guide to increase your system speed.
Speed is one thing any computer user will not compromise.

Have you ever wondered why your computer becomes slow as the day goes by, suddenly your programs take longer time to come up, it can be really frustrating.
Maybe you have visited some cafe to browse when your computer is down or you are not close to your house and feel like using the net. And nothing is working even to launch internet explorer or Microsoft word takes so much time that you are bored. This is caused by so much junk files in your temp folder; recycle bin, temp internet files and cookies. The second is to increase your computers victual memory.
Just follow these simple steps to increase your computers speed
1. Cleaning temp folder, cookies, temporary internet files, and performing disk clean up. These locations take as much as 2GB of your disk space and your ram needs to run these programs instead of running the important programs you use to for your work.
To clean up these files double click on my computer icon, drive C:, document and settings, select the user profile folder that you are using, open local settings, if you don’t see local settings click on tools menu, folder option check show hiding files and folders, click apply and then ok to show all hiding files

By now you should see local setting folder now
Open the folder, open the temp folder, you will see the files that it contains. To view the size of the temp folder select all files using CTR + A, right click on any file and click properties you will see the disc space that its occupying, close the property box and delete all the files. If some files refuse to delete, it may be that the computer is making use of those files at the moment, do same clean up for the temporary internet files and cookies folder, after deleting these files do same for other user profiles in your computer. When that is done you have to use the disk cleanup to clean those files from recycle bin any other location where they may be. Now click start, point your mouse to program files, and to accessories and to system tool click disk clean up

Select the drive where you have your operating system click ok, it will scan the files and show you a dialog box, check the boxes with size above 0 kb then click ok and another dialog box will open asking you if you really want to delete these files click yes. In addition, it will clean all the location. After cleaning including recycle bin your computer should faster than before.
2. Increase your virtual memory. A virtual memory is an area of the hard disk that the computer uses as ram. If the virtual memory of your machine is low, your computer will become very slow when you try to use some application simultaneously. To increase the virtual memory of your computer will also increase your system speed, Right click on my Computer, click properties, click advance tab, click settings under performance option, click advance tab on performance option, click change, now change the number there to close or the number that the machine has. Click set, OK and closes the dialog boxes
Now restart your machine you will notice that the speed of your machine has increased.
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    tank you so much chiblinx for this, my computer its a faster than before


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